• How to Fix Raspberry Pi SSH Hangs or Not Responding

    I just set up a Raspberry PI 4 Model B in the laboratory to automatically connect to the lab’s router. I found that each random minutes the SSH is hangs and not responding.

  • How to Install Xilinx using Command Line in Four Steps

    I just got some problem with Xilinx 2020.1 installation on my Pop OS. The installer was stuck and gives me an error message: This seems like the GUI problem on the installer. So let’s just continue using batch mode.

  • How to View .dot Files in Ubuntu

    I was working with LLVM recently to create a callgraph using opt -view-cfg. But unfortunately it doesn’t work. Here is what I got instead: This means there is no application registered for handling .dot files. Even if I already installed graphviz. Solution is, install xdot. sudo apt install xdot Now you can opt -view-cfg to […]

  • How to Hide Wine System Tray

    Install this gnome extension: https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/1674/topiconsfix/ This will move wine system tray to your real ubuntu/gnome system tray. Enjoy your life.

  • GIT Tutorial: How to Push to a New Repository

    Set up your global git configuration first. git config –global user.name “Your Name” git config –global user.email “id@your.site” If you want to create a new repository:

  • How to Create Identical Image of USB Device

    Hi, currently I am backing up my micro SD card contents and I’m using dd for that. You can start listing your usb device using: After you get the USB address, for example mine is /dev/sdb, you can start creating a copy images. Here I tried to put the image file as ~/usb_clone

  • How to Remove Ads (Special Offers) on Kindle

    Wait, this is legal and halal way, so keep calm okay. So I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2019 edition), and it was really awesome! This is the first time I see an e-ink display and it was crisp, comfortable to look for a long time which is really good for reading. 🙂 I […]

  • High Quality Al-Quran PDF

    Recently I found an interesting site which is open-source, it was globalquran.com. The site is perfect, they home page is complete, and also the have download pages for high quality PDF. I have been searching around google for high quality pdf for Al-Qur’an, I even opened the second page of google (wow!), but what I […]

  • How to View Pointer as Array in Visual Studio Code

    It is irritating when you have to write and memorize this syntax in the middle of debugging, but let me just put it in here for future use: *mypointer@10 Replace mypointer with your pointer name, and replace 10 with how much array you want to view.

  • Install Hangeul/Korean Font Support on Raspberry Pi 4

    No need to talk, just type: $ sudo apt install ibus ibus-hangul fonts-unfonts-core That’s it, now reboot, $ sudo reboot and go to naver.com to check. 🙂