How to Remove Ads (Special Offers) on Kindle

Wait, this is legal and halal way, so keep calm okay.

So I just bought a Kindle Paperwhite 4 (2019 edition), and it was really awesome! This is the first time I see an e-ink display and it was crisp, comfortable to look for a long time which is really good for reading. 🙂

I bought the version with ads on it, which keep showing on the homepage and screensaver. However later did I know that these ads can be removed legally without any hacks or even jailbreak. I will tell you how…

First open your browser, then login to your Amazon account.

Then open the contact support page:

Select your kindle device, the choose “Issues with Promotion or Deals” like in the picture below.

The, click chat, just like what I did.

That’s it, no need to pay! Enjoy reading without any disturbance. 🙂

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